Sheet Metal Part Design

sheet metal prodesign 300x231 Sheet Metal Part DesignThe sheet metal industry has gone through many changes for years, including important automation changes in the area of punching, shearing and nesting processes for sheet metal components.

Our team is fully aware of sheet metal manufacturing techniques and design having in mind all the latest processes. We create 3D sheet metal components and assemblies then generate the 2D detailed drawings, including notes, tolerances and any other information requested by our customers, in folded or unfolded presentations.

We have the thorough knowledge, experience and capabilities required to meet and exceed your expectations, in the area of simple to complex sheet metal designs. Design intent is a very important aspect and is likely to change from project to project, sometimes even within the same project over time. Our approach is spending a few moments before starting a design and modeling session, to figure out what the likely future of the part will be, and then optimizing the design based on the overall knowledge about the part and/or assembly, providing the ultimate solution for sheet metal design.