Injection Molding Part Design

top housing prodesign Injection Molding Part DesignPlastic is known as a versatile and economic material being used in various applications. Even though the tooling is expensive, the cost per part is very low in comparison with other manufactured parts. Complex geometry for the plastic and rubber parts is possible, and this is driving to the very extensive use in all industries for the injection molding parts.

Our plastic molding design is focused on using the optimum wall thickness, draft angles, radius and any other features (ribs, bosses, gussets, gates, parting lines, etc.), for the best material flow. On the drawings, we use a tight dimensional tolerance for critical dimensions only, to avoid driving up the cost, and we may even recommend second operations in some cases, such over molding, or machining local areas. For cosmetic surfaces, we are designing to avoid sinking areas that would leave sink marks to the part, choosing the right wall thickness for the walls, ribs, bosses, and other features.