Concept Design

R & D (Research and Development)

assy prodesign 3 300x231 Concept DesignOur engineers and designers take a detailed approach to design projects at the conceptual stage to fully understand all the requirements of the end user, but also the commercial requirements of the client. We are using the input from the client’s marketing people to establish the demographic and psychographic characteristics of the user and identify areas of commercial opportunity. Our clients usually get multiple concepts for their new projects, and make the final decision about which one fits best their plans.

Concept Generation

Our experienced and talented team rapidly brainstorms ideas, generates 2D sketches or slideshow presentations for the customer’s review in the earliest stage of a project. Early discussions ensure that valuable time is saved by driving the projects on the best path, and both our team and the client’s team remain focused on the development of the right ideas. We create basic 3D models for validating the initial ideas and evaluate aesthetic qualities, that customer may use for making a final direction for the project. The preliminary documents are being created using cutting edge virtual prototyping tools for visualizing concepts, create high quality rendering and presentations, and in some cases when the customer requests, producing physical appearance models (rapid prototypes such SLA, FDM, cast urethane, etc.) allowing our clients to do testing before going to production.