Assembly Design

exploded assy prodesign 300x231 Assembly DesignInnovative product design involves very often creating and managing an many components, sub-assemblies, and assembly process planning.

Our team designs assemblies with ease of assembly in mind, knowing that if your product contains fewer parts it will take less time to assemble, reducing not only the assembly costs, but the total cost of parts too.

We are designing new parts which are provided with features that make it easier to insert, eliminate adjustments, move, and grasp, ensure adequate access and unrestricted vision, eliminating the possibility of parts being installed incorrectly, reducing the assembly time and assembly costs.

For redesigning existing products, our designers go through the whole assembly part by part and evaluate if some parts can be eliminated, combined with other parts, or their functions can be performed in another way.

Depending of the volume of the product, the design may be done for automated production, which involves less flexibility than manual production.