Welcome to Pro Design Services website!

We are a professional team offering engineering solutions, highly skilled in CAD and mechanical design services that combine our innovative thinking and mechanical engineering background to create unique designs, to improve existing design, and to develop them from a simple concept or idea to manufacturing.

Our expertise allows our customers to stay focused on their own goals as we efficiently handle their design requirements, drafting and detailing, and 3D CAD modeling.

Pro Design Services provides the latest design and manufacturing solutions to make your design and manufacturing development processes faster, better and more efficient, focusing also on quick turnaround, quality, data confidentiality and competitive cost. Our customers will be treated fairly, they will receive their services on time, and their invoices will match the estimates.

Our engineers, designers and drafters have relevant and proven skills in the engineering design field, and know-how in the latest technology and the most used software packages such  Creo (former Pro/Engineer), SolidWorks, AutoCAD or Inventor. They gained their experience from a wide variety of projects for leading companies, which gives them the ability to generate accurate assembly drawings and part details.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and we are working hard to have our customers recognizing our leadership in providing quality and promptitude of our services. We are aware of the  multitude of independent players in today’s crowded market, and we strive to differentiate by totally satisfying the customer.